A SimCity 4 Guide

So, back in good ol’ 2004 I started playing this little gem of a game known as SimCity 4. To anyone hip to the sim genre, you know how big of a deal this game was. I spent countless hours and days toiling away trying to make perfect RCI (Residential, Commercial, Industrial) cities only to feel something was missing. Then, I began to read about the concept of “region play”, where your city was affected by and could affect every city that it bordered.  This began my search for that secret method. That one magic pill that could lead me to SimCity greatness and maybe, finally, have those cloud-piercing sky-scrapers I had only seen in journals on Simtropolis.com . Inevitably, or perhaps luckily, I found what I was looking for. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls! Dogs! Cats! City destroying robots! I give you;

Making Money The Easy Way

By Soldyne

Note: What follows is an exact copy/paste of the original guide. I have only corrected the links to the images which are the most valuable asset. You can find the actual post on Simtropolis by clicking HERE. ENJOY!



Please PM soldyne if you have any questions about this article.
The number one question asked on the forums by many new and old players alike is “How do I make money?” The easy answer is to just give a link to the STEX and tell them to use a money cheat. Well, the better way is to build your city efficiently and to learn how the game works, which is what this tutorial is designed to teach you.

First I must say that I have a ton of plugins going on in my game but 90% of them are for aesthetics. The only mod I have that affects game play is the Network Addon Mod which only affects traffic. Since this tutorial is about getting a city started and how to make money in the early stages, that mod will have little effect on the outcomes.

With that said, this tutorial is designed to be replicated by anyone even if all they have is the vanilla version of SC4. I also try to give a few hints on how to start a new region, what to think about when planning a city and I even give a few city building design tips along the way. For the most part though, this tutorial is about making money and creating an efficent city. City design is really up to each individual player as that is the fun of the whole game.

Before we start, I also want to inform the reader that I have a small reference guide in the Omnibus which will be very handy in developing a new city called Money Saving Tips For Any City Design. The best way to make money is to not spend it!

Also, a quick note on challenge. I always use the easy setting, and this tutorial is done on that setting as well. For a tutorial/experiment on making money with high challenge (or at least not going bankrupt) check out Voar Tok’s experimental CJ here Never Go Bankrupt Again!

Chapter 1 – >>


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